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We provide high precision, innovative and tailor-made manufacturing solutions, through our commitment towards superior quality work standards upheld by our expert group of skilled team members.

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We have 8 installation teams

All teams are trained by our multi-nationals, travel the world to install our customer’s manufactured equipment & under-licensed equipment manufactured by Fabrinox. With our skilled and eager team, no installation is too big or small.
We are worldwide

Installations completed
in 35 countries to date



Fabrinox’s Installation Manager coordinates jobs and maintains effective communication between all parties involved, in accordance with the agreed structure of reporting with the customer. All Fabrinox installation projects are managed on-site with the highest compliance with Health and Safety, including the provision of risk management assessments and regular site inspections.



Our teams receive intensive and continuous training, including Health and Safety training. Once trained, all Fabrinox installers become a key part of our multinational customers and continue to participate in ongoing training, refresher courses, and learning programs to ensure our teams are prepared for any differences in cultural, environmental & country laws for future installations.

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We pride ourselves on the excellent and efficient after-sales support we provided both our local and international customers. Our teams are well equipped to assist with the upkeep, future maintenance, and manufacturing of replacement parts, while also offering helpful guidance and analytical insights to the local on-site team to ensure the longevity of the installation.

Committed to Strategic Long-Term Partnerships

At Fabrinox we strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers to better support and enhance the overall competency of our customers. Through a strategic partnership, we can help strengthen our customer’s offerings and work together in finding future solutions for their esteemed clientele.


DeLaval Partnership

The partnership between Fabrinox and DeLaval, the renowned integrated solution provider to dairy producers worldwide, has grown over the past 24 years from supplying only replacement parts to a full scope of service supply with the successful implementation of over 160 global installations. Our installation team is equipped to install 7 different rotary platforms as well as help with the upkeep of older type rotaries in the maintenance environment.  

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