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We provide high precision, innovative and tailor-made manufacturing solutions, through our commitment towards superior quality work standards upheld by our expert group of skilled team members.

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Containerised On-site Laboratories

Containerised On-site Laboratories

Fit For Purpose

Providing the mining industry an on-site metallurgical process and/or assay laboratories during all phases of mining activities: Exploration, Production and Reclamation. Plug & play: Supported with the required equipment during the life cycle of the specific mines activity.


Discover the future of mining with Fabrinox and Biocontainment Infrastructure Services (BIS). Our collaboration brings together Fabrinox’s superior quality and cost-effective manufacturing solutions with BIS’s innovative designs for rapid deployment modular containerised laboratories. This partnership offers a groundbreaking approach to implementing laboratory measurements in remote mining settings.

Our processes and services comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 standards, ensuring consistent quality and reliability throughout production. Additionally, region-specific certifications, such as CE certification, are available to meet all client requirements.


  • Superior Quality: High-standard manufacturing solutions by Fabrinox.
  • Innovative Design: BIS’s modular laboratories for rapid deployment.
  • Compliance: Adherence to ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 standards.
  • Certification: Obtainable region-specific certifications, including CE.

Explore the cutting-edge solutions we offer for the mining sector, designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in laboratory measurements.

Find out more about this undertaking, the general features and applications in the downloadable PDF alongside.