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Fabrinox, established in 1993 and has distinguished themselves as one of the market leaders in sheet metal manufacturing, with various value added services that put us a cut above the rest. Currently serving more than 300 customers with our client database growing every year.

A highly skilled staff contingent of more than 150 people, with approximately 5 000m2 of floor space and ample room for additional floor space on the premises, allows us to offer complete manufacturing solutions, including, but not limited to, batch manufacturing, tailored project management, sound technical advice and manufacturing design and documentation within the scope of an ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 3834 environment.

We are a customer driven organization focused on the satisfaction of customer requirements, specializing in the cost effective manufacturing of sheet metal components, sub-assemblies and projects, entailing under-license manufacturing, procurement & installations. In order to remain an innovative leader in the sheet metal component manufacturing market through the continuous and optimum use of technology, we constantly invest in said technology to expand our capacity even more and to keep abreast of the latest trends relating to our core business function.

Fabrinox offers complete manufacturing solutions, which includes:

  • Under-Licence Manufacturing
  • Import Replacement Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Design
  • Batch Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Project Solutions (Procurement)
  • Installations (International & Local)

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Our quality management program not only focuses on the quality of our products and our services to our clients, it also raises awareness amongst staff to the importance of quality as a whole, to the benefit of making the company more customers orientated. Rationalising and standardising work practices and process for higher efficiency and to minimize wastages is but a small step in the overall quality management program at Fabrinox.

We also utilize state of the art machinery, which is continuously upgraded to offer the best services to our clients, with dedicated work areas for each section of our production environment and additional floor space for storage consignment stock. IT Systems are also continuously upgraded and / or replaced to achieve the same goal, as example the SYSPRO System installed in 2005 as integration of all business activities in a centralized system.

Fabrinox is committed to continuously provide the best and cost effective services to our clients. We not only continuously improve our equipment and business systems, but we also empower our personnel through training and communication to achieve higher goals and to stimulate personnel growth, to the benefit of themselves, Fabrinox and our clients.

Company News

ISSF Media Release
ISSF has published a media release titled World stainless production shrinks slightly in first quarter.
Equipment acquisition to improve processing speed
An investment in new laser-cutting equipment will enable sheet-metal components and subassemblies manufacturer Fabrinox to achieve a higher processing speed on thin metals.






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