Manufacturing Resources / Critical Infrastructure

Fabrinox offers many value add service for our clients. We will work with you at any point in the process to manufacture and fabricate your equipment and/or parts. We can start at concept stage and help you develop the customer machine to most efficiently accomplish your goals. We will evaluate the overall operation to understand your needs and limitations. We will then develop the best solution for the situation and move forward with manufacturing drawings, to fabrication, then to installation and support. Or we can simply work on parts of replacements parts for your existing equipment.

Our goal is to provide you with innovative solutions that will assist you to improve your business operations and increase the bottom line. We have the right Fabrication Machinery to get the job done either in our facility or in the field.

Fabrinox has built its reputations as a stainless steel fabrication and can also offer years of experience in working with a variety of sheet metals including carbon steel, aluminium, brass & copper.

Project Methodology

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  • quotation
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  • project
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